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Uber Voucher Codes

Active Uber Promo Codes, Vouchers & Free Ride Codes - April 2024

Uber get’s you a ride in minutes at the touch of a button when you use their mobile app, plus Uber loves to offer their users free rides which is why our team at ivouchercodes.ph keeps this page fresh with the latest Uber Philippines promo codes and vouchers for free trips so you can move around the city with convenience and often at a cheaper price than a regular taxi. Open the Uber app and choose between UberX and Black Car, the UberX is the cheaper option whereas the Black Car is their more luxurious ride such as a nice sedan or SUV, after that set your pick up location and the app will hook you up with nearby drivers in just seconds, no more haggling and flagging taxis only to be turned down, avail of a nice, safe and free ride today with our latest Uber promo codes.

Active Uber Promo Codes, Vouchers & Free Ride Codes - April 2024

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Recommended by iVoucherCodes

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Uber Shopping Guide

Uber PH is owned by Uber Technologies Inc and was launched in March 2009 as a online taxi dispatch company on a mission to change the way we get taxis, their mobile app lets you request for a ride from local drivers in the nearby areas in just 2-3 taps of the screen which means no matter where you are in a city such as Metro Manila you can simply open the Uber app on your cellphone, set your pick up location or simply let the app use your current location and then sit back and wait for a driver to come pick you up within several minutes at your chosen pick up spot.


How To Use Uber (Philippines)?


1) First you need to download the app on to your phone from either the apple or google store (depending on which model of cellphone you have).


2) Open the app and set up your account such as your name, phone number, if you prefer to use the cashless system then you need to add your credit card (for us we much prefer the cashless credit card system over cash as its much more convenient) or if you prefer you can set ‘Cash’ as your payment option.


3) You should now be ready to book your first Uber ride, exciting! With the app open look at the bottom of the screen and you should see a slider, with options such as ‘Black Car’ or ‘UberX’, make sure you select the one you want…


UBERX = Cheaper option (about the same price as a regular taxi), your driver will arrive in a nice clean regular car such as a Toyota Vios or Kia hatchback, the cars are usually new.


BLACK CAR = More expensive option, your driver will arrive in a bigger or more expensive car such as a Toyota Fortuna or another 4×4 or high end car.


4)  Next you need to set your pick up location, the Uber app should do this for you automatically by checking your current location or you can manually adjust it if you wish. Once you’ve checked the location is correct press the black button that says ”Set Pickup Location”.


set you pick up location on Uber app


5) On the next screen click on the black button that says for example ‘REQUEST uberX’


6) Wait a few seconds for a confirmation that you have successfully booked a ride.


7) When a driver accepts your request you’ll now see a confirmation with all of the details of the arriving car such as the plate number and how far away the car is, now you just need to wait for your driver to arrive. Uber is a 100% professional company, this means once you have a driver coming to pick you up you can be sure he will be there in a matter of minutes and with UBER drivers there is never any issues with where you want to go or haggling over the price, which is actually one of the main reasons they have become so popular for Filipino commuters.


Here’s just a few reasons why here at ivouchercodes we’re big fans of the app that lets you book a ride with such convenience.



– Imagine you’ve just finished shopping at a busy mall location such as Mega Mall or Greenhills and it’s time to go home, you step outside and head on over to the taxi stand and you notice the que is at least a 1-2 hour wait. Simply open your Uber app and it will automatically find your exact location (make sure your location services are switched on) and it show you the nearby Uber cars, then all you have to do is click on whether you want their budget friendly option of UberX or their luxury option of Black Car, then click the black button thats says ‘Request UberX’ or ‘Request Black Car’ depending on which option you have chosen, within in seconds it will confirm you’re ride and let you know how far away the car is, usually you’ll only have to wait 1-5 minutes for your car to turn up so that it can take you home or wherever else you might be going.


-When you arrive at your chosen destination you simply get out of the car, no pressing buttons, no confirming anything, theirs no more awkward tipping or waiting for your change or arguing over the price with the taxi driver, with Uber drivers if you have selected credit card as your payment option then everything happens automatically and you don’t have to do a single thing, the car stops, you say thanks for the ride and get out, your payment is taken automatically and you’ll receive an Uber receipt via email a few minutes later, now that’s some serious convenience.


– You don’t have to wait on the streets and busy roads trying to wave down a taxi and haggling with each driver only to be rejected, just sit down and relax while you open the Uber app and book your ride, even after you have booked your ride you can keep relaxing inside a coffee shop or at home as you keep an eye on the map while you watch the driver get near, once you see on the map that your driver is near then simply go to your chosen pick up spot (as a courtesy to the driver it’s recommended that you’re at the pick up spot already when the car arrives).


– Once you’re inside the car just let the driver know your final destination, with Uber there’s no more haggling over your destination due to traffic or extra charges.



– One of the main selling points of this ride calling app is the fact that we found it to be safer than regular taxis for multiple reasons, such as firstly when you request a ride and a driver confirms you can instantly see a picture of the Uber driver, their name, plate number and car, you can then share this information and your exact location and destination with anyone else you want to at a tap of a button, when you share your trip details with your loved ones they can now (whether on their computer or their mobile) at any time view in real time your exact location throughout your whole trip, this means they can watch your journey as it happens while knowing your exact location at all times and also knowing all of your drivers details too, this is a truly amazing feature when it comes to safety. On top of this the screening process for accepting Uber drivers on to the platform is vigorous, asides from background checks only the best drivers and nicest/newest cars are allowed on to the platform, each driver goes through training to ensure they are polite, friendly and professional.



– UberX is about the same price as a regular taxi, but with all the added convenience, time saving and safety you get with Uber we think it offers much better value for money, plus they love to reward riders with free rides and free is always good, check out the latest Uber promo codes in the section above.


– Uber drivers use GPS systems and apps such as Waze, this means they can get you to your chosen destination faster by knowing the shortest route and avoiding traffic areas which means you can enjoy lower fares and get to where you’re going even quicker.


Get your Uber free ride

Example Vouchers

With ivouchercodes.ph we’re always looking out for the latest promotions and promo codes from Uber Philippines so you can enjoy travelling around the city for less. Here are a few examples of available vouchers for uber.


  • Get 300 pesos free credit when you click the link
  • Free rides to announced events
  • Free ride worth up to P400 pesos

How to Redeem a Voucher Code

There’s several ways you can enjoy Ubers latest promotions, from free rides and credit, to special offers with their partners but first you need to grab a Uber promo code from the section above that our team of coupon hunters have listed, look a for an offer that you like then click the button that says ‘Get Voucher Code’. Once you have a code, you need to enter in into the Uber app, there’s two ways of doing this and which we will explain using the two images below.


Latest Method to get free rides – Use the below image as a reference.


  1. Open the menu inside the add by click in the top left, then select the ‘payment’ option.
  2. At the bottom of the page select ‘add promo/gift code’ then enter the code we gave you.

how to redeem a Uber promo code


Other methods to redeem your free rides depending on which version of the app you’re using…

1) Open the app

2) Click ‘set pick up location’

3) Click the ‘Promo Code’ box and then enter the code we gave you

4) Enjoy your offer


Final Option- The other way you claim your coupon is by using this easy method, have a look at the below image on the right side.


1) Open the app

2) In the top left next to the Uber logo there are 3 lines (menu), click on that.

3) In the menu select ‘Promotions’ (as show in the image on the right side below)

4) Enter the code we gave you on the ivouchercodes website and enjoy your offer.


How to get a free ride for Uber Philippines