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GrabCar Promo Codes

Active GrabCar Voucher Codes & Promotion Codes - October 2023

Grab & GrabFood is a car ride and food delivery app in the Philippines, use their GrabCar service to book a ride or use GrabFood to have a yummy meal delivered from your favorite restaurant. Scroll through the GrabFood promo codes below to get special offers and promotions ranging from free delivery to discounts at popular restaurants. No more queuing at taxi stands in the mall or trying to flag one down on the road and no more heading out in the traffic just to order some take out,  now all you have to do is simply open the Grab app on your phone, choose from their car ride service or food delivery service, then enter one of our voucher codes to get those juicy discounts.

Active GrabCar Voucher Codes & Promotion Codes - October 2023

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Valid for GrabCar 4 seater and 6 seater rides only, one time redemption per user. Promo valid within 8am to 4pm pick up times only... more

Recommended by iVoucherCodes

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Visit Grab's offices at ACI Group Building, 147 H.V. Dela Costa, Salcedo Village, Makati, 1227 Metro Manila. Get a free snack when you sign ... more

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GrabCar Shopping Guide

Grab has several services, GrabCar which is a taxi and on demand car service and GrabFood which is a food delivery service and all of them are a much welcomed game changer for many of us, we all hate waiting in those long taxi ques that Metro Manila is known for, or tackling the city traffic just to squash those food cravings. Flagging down a taxi can be frustrating at best, especially on some days when every taxi is driving past and not picking anyone up, in Metro Manila it’s not unusual to wait over an hour to get a ride. You can always try flagging down a taxi the freestyle way on the street but this again is hit and miss, many taxis will either refuse to take you to your destination or demand a ridiculous amount of money, neither is acceptable. The good news is you don’t need to put up with this anymore thanks to the Grab app, plus you can enjoy even cheaper rides with our Grab promo codes, or get discounts and free food delivery with our GrabFood promo codes, so whether your hungry and want to have meals delivered to your home or you you need to book a quick ride to your destination, download and open the Grab app today!




On the app you can choose from multiples different transportation options, lets take a look at each one individually so you can choose the best ride for your needs.


GrabCar – offers a fixed cost option, you see the price upfront and it doesn’t change, good for 4 people and just like a taxi its your own private vehicle that goes straight to your destination.


GrabShare – This ride is cheaper than other options, but you have to share your car with other passengers that are heading to the same area, so it might take slightly longer, but you save money.


GrabTaxi – This is a regular taxi but you have the convenience of booking through the app, you pay a booking fee plus the metered fair, the taxi option can often workout cheaper than the car option.


6 Seater  Travelling in a big group? Use this option.


Premium  Want to travel in style in a nicer bigger car such as an SUV? Choose this option.




As the name suggests is a food delivery service, it’s every foodies dream come true as now you don’t need to even step outside to have food delivered so the only problem you’ll have is choosing between the many restaurants ranging from Tapa king, Mcdonalds & Jollibee to delicious pizzas from Shakey’s, S&R, Yellow Cab or Greenwich. Food delivery times are typically between 20-30 minutes and are picked up from the restaurant and delivered to your door in special packaging to keep your meal hot and fresh, use one of our GrabFood promo codes to enjoy offers such as free delivery money off your meal.




Need a package picked up from your home and delivered to someone? How about same day delivery within several hours? This incredible courier service means you can have important documents or items picked up by a GrabExpress motorbike rider within an hour and have it delivered to your recipient straight away via a door to door service, this is great for important documents, fragile or bulky items or anything urgent, best of all because the service is so cheap it makes it the best option for any type of delivery you need, urgent or non urgent, big or small.


Download their app for IOS or Android and next time you’re stuck outside waiting for a taxi give it a try, open the app and it will begin to locate your exact position, enter where you want to go and it will give you a fare estimate as it also searches for any Grab cars around you. Once it’s located any drivers nearby you’ll be able to confirm your pick up. Then you just sit back and wait for your car or taxi to arrive (usually within minutes) while you monitor the progress and location of your arriving driver by checking the screen which is updated in real time to display the exact location of the car. A extra bonus feature is the safety the app provides, share your ride with friends and family so they can monitor in real time your exact location and progress throughout the trip.

Example Vouchers

Some of the great offers promo codes you can find for Grab


  • 50 Pesos OFF your fare voucher code
  • Free Food delivery Promo 
  • 15% Discount off Your Food Order
  • Download the app and enjoy your first ride for FREE
  • 50 Pesos Off Grab Promotion For each trip for the next 10 trip

How to Redeem a Voucher Code

Redeeming Grab promo codes and vouchers is nice and easy.

  1. Grab a code from our website in the above section
  2. Open the app on your phone
  3. Enter the code we gave you in the promo box in the app
  4. Enjoy your discounts!

Contact information for GrabCar

+63 883 7100

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